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  • AODA Requirements in effect as of January 1, 2021. Learn more on how this impacts our organization in the Accessibility Overview.

    Recent updates:
    • New Traning guide with resources on the latest industry trends and accessibility best practices.
    • More reference examples now available in our Reading order guide.
    • Complex table tagging structure examples added to our PDF tables guide.
    • New device requirements added to the Development section for iOS, Android, and Voiceover with Safari on iOS.
    • If you need any support on accessibility, please reach out to Digital Solutions at digital_solutions@cooperators.ca or Enterprise Compliance at kimberly_hutchison@cooperators.ca.
    • Create a backup copy of your PDF document before using any accessibility tools in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Some changes cannot be reversed after an update has been made.

Front-End Style Guide

These standards, patterns and principles are results of our constant push within our organization for a better web experience for our clients.

The purpose of this website is to align Front End web development teams. The goal is to create a better web experience for clients with site-wide coherence, branding and accessible content by implementing the standards, patterns and principles found under each section on this site.

Accessibility at The Co-operators.
Includes: Overview of AODA/WCAG requirements and full PDF accessibility guide.

Overview of the web analytics used on Cooperators.ca.
Includes: Code snippets and instructions on how to implement

Breakdown and code snippets for elements found on our websites.
Includes: Color schemes, typography, reusable components (ie. banners, sidebars, navigation, Marketo form etc.), iconography.

Overview of the technologies used in development.
Includes: Versions in use, frameworks, browsers, devices, and screenreaders used for testing accessibility.

OLS 1.0 and OLS 2.0

OLS 1.0 style Guide

MVP Design System – Client (OLS 2.0) and Advisor Platforms